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Abuja FAQ

How easy is it to get around Abuja?

The main mode of transportation around Abuja is by car or taxi: public transportation is limited. The Abuja Light Rail, however, provides service mainly on the west side of the city and connects the city with the airport, rail station, and railway station.

Where to stay in Abuja?

There are several places where you can stay in Abuja, Nigeria. But if you want affordable living space with lost amenities, then you should choose Casalinda Hotel & Gallery Resort. The hotel offers free wifi, parking, a pool facility, and complete hospitality with fully furnished rooms.

What’s it like eating and drinking in Abuja?

Abuja’s The restaurant offers a wide selection of food and drinks. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available, along with local and international dishes. Besides, there are bars to enjoy your favorite drinks.

What is there to do in Abuja?

Abuja has so many things to offer visitors. Abuja has no shortage of fantastic architecture. There is no shortage of amazing architecture in Abuja. There is a great natural beauty, hiking options, waterfalls, traditional east foods, and more to enjoy in this beautiful area.

How to get to Abuja?

You can visit Abuja by plain. Abuja’s nearest airport is Abuja (ABV). A train runs twice a day between the Abuja Airport and the Abuja Metro, operated by the Federal Capital Development Authority.